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Here at Obesity Medicine & Metabolic Wellness Clinic, we use a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to treating and managing obesity and its complications. The four pillars of our clinical obesity treatment strategy are nutrition, fitness, behavior, and medical. We combine and personalize our treatment plans and Concierge Medicine in Midland, Michigan according to your needs so you can achieve better long-standing weight loss.

Accelerate your mind-and-body transformation when you trust us to lead the way to your wellness path.

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What We Do Services We Offer

We tap into each person’s internal authority for self-management and, at the same time, become a healing community that provides support.
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Medical evaluation and treatment provided by a Doctor using medications and other medical services that can aid weight loss.

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cognitive behavioral therapy


Mental health counseling and education for your successful wellness journey.

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Dietary-focused approach to promote weight loss as well as maintain a safe and healthy weight.

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Specialized and individualized exercises and physical programs that help in healthy weight loss.

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Other Services

Small skin procedures, migrain botox and joint injection.

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Our Commitment Mission Statement

Our practice aims to identify results-driven strategies that will achieve long-term weight management and wellness. We utilize the latest research and clinical strategies to provide comprehensive evaluation, education, treatment, and follow-up that are all geared to help patients find success in their health goals.

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