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Our Services

Services that will be provided:

  • Obesity

  • Metabolic syndrome
  •  Diabetes

  •  Impaired fasting Blood glucose/pre-diabetes

  •  Help with weight loss before and after bariatric surgery

  •  Post-bariatric weight gain

  • Weight loss for joint replacement surgeries

  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

  •  Many other obesity related diseases



Nutrition is a highly essential factor in weight management, and as such, we also have dietary-focused weight-loss treatments. We strive to give each individual seeking ultimate wellness the best nourishment they can have from the food and drinks they consume. The different types of diets that will be included in our clinic include:

  • Mediterranean diet

  • Paleolithic diet (caveman diet)

  • Low-carb diet and very low-carb diet

  • Modified high protein ketogenic diet

Fitness/Physical Activity

Fitness/Physical Activity

As part of our obesity medicine, we also develop and help individuals manage a healthy physical regimen that consists of progressive exercises and activities. This not only balances their BMI but also helps them develop stronger immunity and resistance to obesity-related diseases.



Physical, sexual, and/or verbal abuse during childhood leaves deep emotional scars that can lead to eating disorders in adulthood. Binge-eating and using food as a source of comfort can cause short-term and long-term obesity. That’s why we make sure to address these issues as well as the psychological consequences of being overweight, such as weight bias and negative body image.

Medical Care/Medication

Medical Care/Medication

Here at Obesity Medicine & Metabolic Wellness Clinic, we help our patients achieve their weight loss goals through a thorough evaluation of their health condition, medical history, and predispositions to diseases. After gathering all the necessary information, we will then develop a weight loss plan tailored specifically for you and your health needs.

Other Services

Other Services

  • Cosmetic and non-cosmetic Botox treatments (including treatment-resistant migraine headaches)

  • Professional body composition analysis

  • Joint injection 

  • Major joint steroid injections

  • Migraine Botox

  • Small skin procedures

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