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Our Story

Our history of patient care began with our desire to help people dealing with obesity. Today, Obesity Medicine & Metabolic Wellness Clinic has become one of the leaders in obesity medicine and the leading clinic in Midland, Michigan for specialized prevention and treatment of obesity. We value and implement the highest standard in patient care, education, and research, and Concierge Medicine in Midland, Michigan. Hence, our caliber of comfort and individual attention to each treatment is unmatched by any other.

Special Interests and Procedures

Dr. Teona has a special interest in Obesity Medicine and obesity-related medical problems. She has long experience in primary care and preventative health management. She is also trained to do joint injections, skin procedures, and medical and cosmetic Botox treatments, including migraine Botox treatments and hyperhidrosis Botox treatments (on palms, soles, and axillary areas).

Dr. Teona was designated by the Blue Care Network as a Blue Ribbon Doctor for her outstanding patient satisfaction in June 2013. Her practice was also designated as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan in 2013. Consumer Reports has described a PCMH as a “practice that’s all about you,” since PCMH practices place a higher emphasis on customer service and seamless coordination of care.


Our Philosophy of Care

The satisfaction that comes from helping others is what influenced Dr. Teona to become a physician. She said, “I hold each of my patients close to my heart; every patient is important. It’s the best reward knowing I may have made a difference in their lives.”

Dr. Teona says open, trusting communication is something she believes is important when treating patients. “I will take the time to answer questions and give patients the best knowledge that I have,” she said. “My goal is to help them stay happy and healthy with the necessary treatments.”


Our Objective, Our Mission

As the obesity rate in the general population in the United States has been growing in the last two decades from 32 percent to 42 percent, our mission is to help local and national communities prevent the further growth of the obesity rate. We work on the prevention of obesity and obesity-related conditions, and in certain cases, help reverse obesity-caused illnesses like DM, Metabolic Syndrome, fatty liver, joint pain, and lower back pain from excess weight.

Moving Forward

Health is the first step to prosperity.


Our Goals for the Clinic

Dr. Teona’s inspiration is to create and start her own obesity and metabolic clinic. This clinic will provide a multidisciplinary approach to every patient based on their individual needs. Every patient will be individually assessed, evaluated, treated, and provided with nutritional counseling, as well as their own fitness plan and behavioral treatment if needed. Our team will consist of professional Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Nurses specializing in Obesity Medicine. Experienced professionals who will provide nutritional services. Behavioral counselor and certified personal trainers will complete our team.

We will also offer different types of FDA-approved anti-obesity medication treatments.

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